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Rates + Insurance



Individual Psychotherapy


Marriage & Couples Psychotherapy


Family Psychotherapy


Substance Abuse Psychotherapy


Emotional Transformation Therapy




Testing + Evaluation


ADD/ADHD Evaluation

Starting at $1600

General Mental Health Evaluation

Starting at $1000

Intelligence (IQ) Testing

Starting at $650

Personality Testing

Starting at $1000

Child Behavioral Evaluation

Starting at $1000

Career Assessment

Starting at $450

Additional Services


Expert Witness Consultation

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Expert Witness Testimony

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Professional Consultation

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Speaking Engagement

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Program Evaluation

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Please note: Rates are estimates and may vary depending on specific needs and recommendations.


Dr. Vazquez is currently accepting new patients. Psychotherapy services may be covered by your insurance. To see if your insurance will cover psychotherapy services, please call our office at 281-277-8811.


Dr. Vazquez is in-network with the following insurance panels:




   Beacon Health

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