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Texas Behavioral Health Associates, office of Dr. Roger Vazquez, is a full-service mental/behavioral health practice located in the Greater Houston area. We offer personalized clinical services, including individual therapy, couples/marriage therapy, and family therapy. We also specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (commonly known as ADD or ADHD). We use the most up-to-date methods and technology to assist in determining whether an individual has a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD.


Specializing in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of ADD/ADHD.

To schedule an evaluation, please call 281-941-2012.







What is ADHD?


Odds are you've probably heard of attention/deficit hyperactivity disorder, often called ADD or ADHD. You probably even know someone who has a diagnosis of ADHD or might suspect yourself of having this disorder.

ADHD is a commonly diagnosed mental health disorder, where approximately 1 in 10 individuals have been diagnosed with ADHD.

Texas Behavioral Health Associates offers the most up-to-date testing assessments and instruments to assist in determining if you have ADHD. Testing is non-invasive and only take about three hours. For more information on the ADHD testing process, click here.

To schedule an initial consultation or ADHD testing, please call 281-941-2012.

Dr. Vazquez provided an ADHD assessment for our son which was a Learning Center enrollment requirement for the high school he has applied for.  We were in a two week time crunch to submit the report to the school.


Dr. Vazquez accommodated our needs and finished his assessment and report in a very timely fashion.  In addition, he was by far the most conscientious to our needs and financial situation.  He did not perform tests that were unnecessary which helped with the cost.  Dr. Vazquez was caring, professional and affordable.


-Yelp Review



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